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Influence The Future Of Pizzicato !

The users have always directly influenced the development of Pizzicato through a continuous exchange of emails. All requests and suggestions are entered in a data base and examined each time we create a new version, in addition to innovative ideas that we inject in the software.

This page is here to formalize this exchange between users and our company. It shows you the list of possible features to develop in the future. You can vote for the one(s) you find the more interesting for you. Before starting a new function, we consult this page to see which function is the more popular in a given category.

The Future

Presently, following a market analysis and according to the most frequent requests from Pizzicato users, we have determined the list of features to develop for the next major function of Pizzicato, version 4.0.  Since end 2013, we work to build a new music software development platform, which Pizzicato will benefit in its version 4.  We are working at it actively.  The upgrade to version 4.0 will be free for any user who bought version 3.5.x or 3.6.x.


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