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What Is An Electronic Version?

An electronic version is fully downloaded from the Internet. You pay the software and in the 24 hours during business days you receive the instruction to download the software and also the codes to unlock and use the software on your computer. You also download the complete user manual. There is no time limit for download, so you will be able to reinstall Pizzicato easily in the future if needed.

What Is The Difference Between A "Package" And An "Electronic" Version And Why Such A Price Difference?

With the package version, you receive the software package (DVD + paper manual with the basic instruction on using the software) by post mail. For Pizzicato Light, Choir, Drums, Keyboard, Guitar, Soloist and Composition Light, the paper manual only contains the installation procedure. The full manual may be consulted on screen.

The electronic version does not contain the paper manual. It is available on the screen. You can print the lessons of interest to you. The electronic version is fully downloaded and there is no DVD sent by post mail.

In both cases, your receive an official invoice, either on paper (package version) or as an e-mail (electronic version).

The functions of the software are exactly the same. The upgrade possibilities are the same.

Why such a price difference then?

Very simple: our production and distribution costs are lower for an electronic version. You benefit from this cost reduction.


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