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To The Attention Of Choirs, Bands, Orchestras And Music Ensembles Members...

In the framework of a partnership with music groups, so that computer may help everybody to make more music, we freely distribute the Pizzicato Light 3 electronic version (download) to their members.

Any member of such a group has the right to receive his(her) free Pizzicato Light 3 electronic version. (S)he may install it at home on a Macintosh or Windows-based computer.

This version gives you the following features and possibilities:

  • Writing music theory exercises or didactic scores,
  • Listening to the score and playing or singing with it so as to learn the rhythm and melody,
  • Making musical dictation exercises,
  • Learning and reviewing music theory,
  • Creating little personal compositions,
  • ...

How Can You Receive Your Free Version?

If you already received a coupon from your music group, go on reading.

If you have no coupon yet and if you are a choir, band, orchestra or music ensemble member, contact the person in charge of the group and give him/her the address of our website so that (s)he may register your group and receive coupons for every member. This registration is free.

To download and install your Pizzicato Light 3 free electronic version, fill in the form below and click on "Register".

Please fill in every field, in particular the personal access code exactly as written on the coupon received from your group. This code must start with 4 digits, then a minus sign "-" and 6 other digits, with no space in between.

Without a valid code, the form will not be transmitted properly!

You will then receive an e-mail explaining to you the steps to download and freely install a license of Pizzicato Light 3.

Double-check your e-mail address so that we can send you the installation instructions.

Yes, as a member of a choir, band, orchestra or music ensemble, I want to download and use a free electronic license of Pizzicato Light 3:

First name:
E-mail address (*) :
Postal address:
Address (continuation):
Zip/Postal code:
Personal access code:

Please read the terms of use of this form, here below (*)

(*) In conformity with the data protection law, you may consult
or modify any information about you in our files.

We guarantee that your e-mail address will be used

to send you our newsletters
and emails related to our products.

Your e-mail address
will never be communicated,
sold, rented nor given to third parties.

If you do not want to receive any e-mail from us,
please do not fill in this form.

At any moment, you keep the right to ask us to remove your address
from our list. We will respect this in any circumstance.

We appreciate your confidence.


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