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22/08/2006 13:48 - Lybrarys

Hello, I just started to make custom librarys and I came to some conclusions what is very important to clear with before get started. As we all know, in conductor view we can see in the frame left everything what is in directory "librarys".All this files are *.piz files. On the beginning I was a bit confused how I can see here some files which are not in directory "librarys"!? They *are* there but inside of other *.piz files which you can see in C:Program FilesPizzicato 3DataENLibraries and other underdirectorys! That means if you want to see what is in some files ,you must load the all "container" *.piz file to find the file you are interested in. When you loaded such "container" file open "main view" (Ctrl+L) and with double click you can see every score ore other element what it contents. The second thik is: many of you will get the idea to make the librarys from midi files or exported !
rhythms from keyboards with rhythms. Such midi files are very often full of system exlusive messages and they are not quantized.To edit all of this youz need a good midi sequencer. In many cases is better to "writte" with mouse directly (copy note by note) in template. Like that we can avoid all of "boring" work in sequencer.Resume: Midi material must be clean of system exclusive messages and good quantised before loading in Pizzicato. My recomandation is to pay attention of naming all "phrases" during organising for library.Its important to keep them together in one hierarhical communty to not loose the melo-rhytmic sense of they origin how they came together. Everything will be easyer when Dominique make the feature to generate the score from computed groups of scores in conductor view. The third, is important that midi material which we want to use for librars is in C major! How to have that? The whole midi file "to irron on c-major? The hardest way is to do it by!
hand. Youz never need every bar of midi file to make the lib!
rary sty
le. First clean of all bars which are unnecessary repeated. I did not try to "make everything to C major over Smart link but Dominique had this idea. Otherwise some midi programs like Ntonyx Style Morpher can do that. What to do with melodical phrases? Transpose only or arrange and transpose? That is exactly what I try to find. I shall continue with this.

Zlatoje P. - Germany

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