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2014/11/22 09:47 - Papelmedia modular synth patches

Is there anywhere on the net we can find more modular synth patches for the papelmedia built in modular synth that now comes with Pizzicato? This is a fabulous feature with a lot of potential, but I'm not much of a modular synth programmer.

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2015/01/19 21:31 - RE : Papelmedia modular synth patches

WOW! i try my best t translate in Inglish.

Papelmédia in runnig god in you use only 2 or 3 instruments otherwise ,i gonna freeze


Il you try only VIOLON,you gonna see the difference.

After many try since 4-5 years ,,,,i d'ont use that super sound.

If you want a new sound,you have to change your card of

sound,fittng on WIndow 7.Around 150$ then you gonna have A NEW SOUND with REVERBERATION .=not a flat sound.

I d'ont know where you live ,
I have a spare card like this.

But do not fit on Apple.I have a w7 to with that card.

I Live in Montréal

I have Pizz since 10 years. BYE

André from Montreal


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