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2013/03/02 21:37 - Tabliture mode broken in 3.6

There are a large number features that simply don't work in tabliture mode.

1) stem length tool not functional at all
2) stem inversion tool does not functional at all
3) the lyrics entry tool randomly miss aligns the lyrics and you cant fix it when it happens
4) The stem length will randomly change and this causes the lyrics to be misaligned
5) if you separate and or reattach note stems the length of the stems randomly changes

These bugs render this mode barely usable. Once this occurs you have to start from scratch you cant fix the score.

Have you also seen this is there a fix or is does the feature simply not work and no is fixing it.

I have capture of it but I cant attach it here.

Answer to this message...

2013/03/04 08:42 - RE : Tabliture mode broken in 3.6


The stems are indeed supposed to be fixed in size in tablatures, but it seems there is some problem with their length. The stems are fixed in direction but can be changed when you double-click in front of the score, with the popup menu "Stem direction" "Up". If you do that and then select all and Edit, Justify, the score aligns all stems up nicely. Up stems is better when you have lyrics. For lyrics, you can also adjust them all at once with the lyrics adjustment tool :

Let me know if I can help you further,

Dominique, Arpege, Belgium


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