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2011/03/27 11:41 - score group does not play in conductor

I have now studied Pizzicato for two days and have several questions and problems and comments. I will start with this:
I cannot make a group of scores play in conductor view. Each score plays ok but in the group box nothing happens when i click play. Sorry for not being able to be more specific.

Mac os X 10.6.3

Leander - Finland

Answer to this message...

2011/03/27 12:12 - RE : score group does not play in conductor

Exact description:
Open Pizzicato in conductor view.
Doubleclick on score1 and enter a few notes.
Close score1.
Plays OK in conductor.
Create group box.
Drag score1 into box.
Box name is red but does not play.
Click on red button i box and select score in box: it plays ok.
click again so that button is red and box name is red: Does not play.

mac os x 10.6.3

Leander - Finland

2011/04/03 20:45 - RE : score group does not play in conductor


Check the following if it is not playing:

With Pizzicato 3.5, if the document manager is open (left part of the score window) and if a score is selected in it (an icon with a double note), then Pizzicato will play that score instead of the score that is visible in the main part of the window. So check that no score is selected in the document manager.

Dominique, Arpege, Belgium

2011/04/14 12:46 - RE : score group does not play in conductor

Stil no luck. I made sure that nothing was selected but the group does not play! I am sure that noting was selected in the file browser.

Leander - Finland


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