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2010/09/28 15:15 - PLAY function don't work

I have downloaded the demo version, I use win7 32bits.
I think I coupld play something once then I configured the midi settings to get my keyboard to work, from then impossible to play or record anything. Only the first note is played then the software stops.


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2010/10/23 11:04 - RE : PLAY function don't work


Most probably it is one of the following points :

In the Options menu, select "MIDI Play Options...", be sure that the menu entitled "Synchronisation input port" is set on "-----", otherwise Pizzicato waits for the tempo from an external device and plays only the first note if there is no tempo information coming in.

Starting with Pizzicato 3.5, if the document manager is open (left part of the score window) and if a score is selected in it (an icon with a double note), then Pizzicato will play that score instead of the score that is visible in the main part of the window. So check that no score is selected in the document manager.


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