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2010/04/29 15:56 - Instrument selection for playing

hi; my question is,

i, imported 2 measures from midi file to bass stave in new project , when playing the to 2 measures which i, imported the sound it change from bass to piano ,so how can i keep playing the same sound in the stave i, mean bass sound.

thank you have you nice day.

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2010/04/30 09:58 - RE : Instrument selection for playing

Bonjour Serkis,

You can assign sounds in the Instrument window (Windows menu). But also
by assigning the symbol called "Instrument" in the Instrument tool palette.
By placing that symbol somewhere on the staff, you can CTRL + click it to
select the instrument. If you copy and paste from MID files, beware that there
may be program changes in the MIDI file, that will be copied into the staff
and possibly change the sound. You can remove them by selecting the measures,
and then Edit menu, Data modification : Program change / Remove ==> OK.

Dominique - ARPEGE, Belgique


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