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2009/10/18 18:44 - quick question about clefs in ensembles....

Hi Dominique,

I am doing over 600 exercise in the 4 part open stave choral ensemble mode. Here is what I do...

1. Open conductor...
2. Choose ensembles.....choirs....
3. Then here is my problem....the template opens with non-standard (at least in USA) clefs......I then have to change the clef every time.

4. Is there any way I can change that default so that when I open up the Choir ensembles in Conductor ....I get the following..... Soprano a G (treble clef) ...Alto a G (treble clef)....Tenor a G (treble clef) with the 8 under....Bass a bass clef.

If I could change that default it would sure save me a ton of time from having to change all those clefs on each stave manually ....


Answer to this message...

2009/10/19 15:47 - RE : quick question about clefs in ensembles....

Bonjour Morris,

Yes, indeed if you open the choir folder, you will see that it contains 4 instrument specifications. By double-clicking one of these specification, you open a dialog with all the default values in it. You can change the default clef to the one you want, in each of the 4 instruments. Then, when you drag and drop it, it will always use these new clefs.

Dominique - ARPEGE, Belgique


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