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2008/11/30 02:49 - FORMULAIRE SUPPORT - EN

I cant hear my music when i het play.please help thanks!

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2008/12/01 08:45 - RE : FORMULAIRE SUPPORT - EN

Hi ,

Here is an article about this subject:

++++++++++ No sound (version 3) ?

If you do not hear sound when a music score is played, check the following points:

+ Select the "MIDI Setup..." in the "Options" menu. Double-click the output port (to the right) and check the various possible choices of the "Associated driver" menu, selecting the first one, validating and then clicking on the little white square just left to the output port rectangle: you should hear some notes. If the first choice does not work, try the other ones.
+ Check if the loudspeakers are well connected to the PC/Mac computer and if power is switched on.
+ Check in the sound volume control in Windows (Start, Programs, Accessories, Entertainment, Volume Control) if there is enough volume assigned to the output named "MIDI Synth". On the Mac, check also the volume level in the sound control panel.
+ If you work with a MIDI compatible synthesizer or piano connected to the PC, check that the cable labeled OUT is well connected to the MIDI IN plug of your musical device and vice versa. If needed, try the opposite (according to the convention used by your MIDI cable or interface).
+ Check that the synthesizer is well powered, that its sound volume is non zero and that it is in the MIDI reception mode (some synthesizers need to have the MIDI reception mode activated, see the synthesizer user manual).
+ In the Score window, click on the "..." button of the tool bar and be sure that the "Wait keyboard action" is not checked.
+ In the Options menu, select "MIDI Play Options...", be sure that the menu entitled "Synchronisation input port" is set on "-----", otherwise Pizzicato waits for the tempo from an external device and plays only the first note if there is no tempo information coming in.

Dominique - ARPEGE, Belgium


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