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2017/08/03 17:08 - write protected BUG in Win7 X64

The parent folder of this document is ,write protected. To change this, right-click in the document manager (left part of the window) and disable that option.

I try everything I know.but still problem.


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2017/08/12 10:57 - RE : write protected BUG in Win7 X64

This can also be caused by the Windows file system, where a directory would be locked for writing. Check the properties of the folder and make sure it is not write-protected. If it does not work, contact me with more details and screenshots so I can see what happens.


Dominique, Arpege, Belgique

2017/08/15 21:20 - RE : write protected BUG in Win7 X64

Hello matianjie,

Have you really tried:

1) Right-click on Folder

2) Right-click on Pizzicato document (green icon)

3) Right-click on score (icon with inverted two notes)

Looking forward to your reply

Marc, Beauceville, Québec, CANADA


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