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No sound (version 2) ?

If you do not have sound when playing a score, check the following points:

  • Go in the "Options" menu and select "MIDI Setup...". In the output menu, you should have one or more available choices. Try them one after each other by using the "Test" button, which normally sends a series of audible notes to the output.
  • Check that the speakers are well connected to the PC/Mac and that they are well powered.
  • Check in the Windows mixing table that the volume assigned to the MIDI is non zero nor muted. On Mac, check if the sound volume is non zero in the "Sound" control panel.
  • If you work with a MIDI compatible synthesizer or piano connected to the PC, check that the cable labeled OUT is well connected to the MIDI IN plug of your musical device and vice versa.
  • Check that the synthesizer is well powered, that its sound volume is non zero and that it is in the MIDI reception mode (some synthesizers need to have the MIDI reception mode activated, see the synthesizer user manual).
  • Open the "Recorder" Window and check that the box "Kb." is not checked.
  • In the same window, click the "Options" button and check that the "Synch input" is set to "None".


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