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Personal code number... Summary!

Regularly, we receive questions related to a reinstallation of Pizzicato after reformatting the hard disk, reinstallation of Windows, a change of computer,... If you have such a problem, here is an orderly check list of the points to verify. The problem always solves. Just check these points, one after the other, until the problem is solved:

  1. If not yet done, install Pizzicato from your CD or from the downloaded version (electronic version). If you don't know whether Pizzicato is installed or not, do it anyway. It is not necessary to uninstall anything before, even a demonstration version. A new installation will simply replace the previous installation (but not your documents). Regarding this, see also the article on personal tools in case of a new installation.
  2. Start Pizzicato. If the license registration dialog appears, go to (6)
  3. If the dialog asking for the personal code appears, go to (7).
  4. If the welcome dialog appears and shows your license number and name, telling that the license is granted, then all is well. There is nothing else to do (except using Pizzicato...of course!)
  5. If the welcome dialog tells you that it is a shareware or demonstration version, click OK and validate the next presentation dialogs. Then select item "Program version/updates..." in the "Options" menu. The license registration dialog appears.
  6. Check the "Register license" box and fill in your license and serial numbers as well as your name. Click OK. The dialog asking for the personal code appears.
  7. Send us the identification number displayed in the top left corner of this dialog. Warning, this code is different than the serial number. We regularly receive registration forms with the serial number, or an old identification number from a previous installation, or even an old personal code. The number we need to compute the personal code is the number visible in this dialog, on your present computer. To send us this number, please use the registration form available on our site on page
  8. While waiting for your code, click "Work without the code". You will receive it very soon. Our computer system is now ready to work 24H/24 and 7days/7 and your requests are processed within 15 minutes. Even at 3 a.m. on a Sunday morning, you should be able to get your personal code...:-)
  9. When you receive your code, complete it in the dialog (the best is with a copy/paste so as to avoid any typing error). The minus "-" signs between the numbers must be present (do not use a space or underscore "_" because the code will be refused). Until you enter the correct code, Pizzicato asks it at each start-up of the program.
  10. However, if Pizzicato continues to ask it after filling it correctly, check if the identification number is still the same that you sent us to receive the personal code. If not, go to (7) again. Otherwise, let us know and we will help you solve the problem.


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