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Don't loose your personal tools, save them!

With Pizzicato Professional, you can modify symbols and create personal symbols and palettes. In case you uninstall Pizzicato, you need to take care not to loose them. Here is how to do it.

If Pizzicato is reinstalled on a computer where it is already installed, select a personal installation and uncheck the option to install the tools (on Windows only; on Mac, there is no such choice because the installation asks you if you want to replace the tools and you may refuse it). Pizzicato will not copy the tools and you will keep your personal tools.

What you need to know is that the tools you create are not saved inside the score where you use them. They are saved in two files located in the subdirectory called "Misc" in Pizzicato. Those files are called "Tool.pal" and "Tool.def". In other words, if you have created several personal tools, and use them in all your scores, you are advised to save them from time to time. If you loose them (by reinstallation, change of computer or hard disk format), your scores will no more display the symbols used in them, because Pizzicato will no more find their definitions.

When you change your computer, copy those files and after installing Pizzicato on your new computer, replace the original files with them in the "Misc" subdirectory of Pizzicato.

In a future release of Pizzicato, we will improve this system so that the symbols used in a score will be recorded with it. This will make the score portable and readable even for another user who does not have you personal symbols in his(her) palettes.


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