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The scrolling score view

Pizzicato Beginner and Professional have a window called "Scrolling score" available in the "Windows" menu. The scrolling score view is a window which displays a part of the score. The notes cannot be modified with it. When you play the score, the contents of the scrolling score view will automatically follow the measure which is played. According to the size of your screen, you will be able to observe more or less measures and staves at the same time. A small red triangle indicates the current measure. This measure is the first which will be heard if you activate the playing of the score.

With the space bar, when you start the score play, you can observe the triangle which goes from one measure to the other. Observe what occurs when the first staff is played : the triangle goes to the next line, the first horizontal area is erased and Pizzicato displays another staff. During this time, you may continue to follow the staff which is playing. When Pizzicato comes to the last horizontal area, the reading continues at the top of the page, because the top was updated as the staves were played.

This method lets you read a score without being disturbed by the removal of already played measures and the drawing of measures that follow. There are no more problems to turn the page (while turning the page of a score, there is always a time where the musician does not see any more the played measure and not yet the following measure of the score, which requires to be able to memorize a measure in advance). It is as if somebody was cutting out a piece of the page as you play, so that the following page appears gradually. You then have always the control of the place you are looking at. For more information on this window, see the lesson


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