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Adding the fingering marks

On an organ or piano score, it is frequent to display the fingering. They are marked as little numbers (one for each finger). The purpose is to help the beginner to manage his/her fingers better. The thumb is 1 and the little finger 5. Pizzicato has a tool palette to add the fingering. In the "Tools" menu, open the "Fingering/rehearsal" palette. It includes the 5 numbers. Select one of them on the palette and click on one note head of your score. The number appears above or under the note. By clicking and moving this number on the score, you can move it vertically to adjust its position.

Pizzicato Professional lets you adjust them horizontally too, because you may modify the original symbols. Follow this process for the 5 numbers:

  • Double-click them in the palette

  • In the left central part of the dialog, check the "Moveable" box

  • Click OK to confirm.

You will then be able to adjust the fingerings vertically and horizontally.

The other symbols of this palette are rehearsal marks used to indicate a part of the score. They help to divide the score and number the different parts. A black frame surrounds them and you can move them in the score.


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