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Generating arpeggios with the composition tools

This function is only available on the Professional version, but you may use the program in demo mode so as to do the following. To use the demo mode, go in the Options menu, "Program versions/Updates..." and select the "Pizzicato professional (demonstration version)" choice and validate. Don't forget to go back in the original mode after using it, if you bought a license.

The idea is to create a regular accompaniment, based for instance on arpeggios, and to make it follow a chord progressions. Here is a didactic example:

  • Create a new document with several measures.

  • In the Windows menu, select the Main view.

  • In the Edit menu, select New element... then New theme... A dialog appears.

  • Name it "Arpeggios" and check the boxes "Do not transpose" and "Repeat the result 0 times", which means an infinite loop, then click OK. In the score that appears, write for instance 8 eight notes, an arpeggio on C Major.

  • Close this score window. In the main view, you will see the "T" icon representing this theme. We have written this theme for one measure and it is considered in C Major.

  • Drag now this theme on the first measure of the score. All measures are now filled with this same theme in C Major. Nothing special to it.

  • Go in the Windows menu and select "Chords progression..."

  • Select the note E and chord "min" and click on the "Add" button

  • Similarly, add the following chords: "G 7", "D sus4", "A min6" or any other example of your choice.

  • Click OK and again drag the theme on the first measure. The notes of the theme have changed so as to only take notes of the chords you added!

You may vary the theme, the rhythms, the chords, the duration as you want. This is one of the numerous aspects of computer assisted music composition offered by Pizzicato Professional. To know more about this, see the page


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