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Encoding notes without stems in a measure - free measures

To create a free measure with notes without stems, you can disable automatic justification (Pizzicato Professional and Beginner) and freely place whole notes in the measure. With the Professional version, you can then change all the note heads in a quarter note head or another symbol (by selecting the measure and going in the "Change the notes head" item of the "Edit" menu). With the Beginner version, you can use quarter notes and reduce the stem height to zero. Pizzicato Professional also lets you create free measures. Select the measures and in the Measures parameters item ("Edit" menu), check the "Measure duration" check box and select "Free on the basis of a" with the value of a quarter note, for example. By keeping the automatic justification, Pizzicato will align the notes correctly and you will be able to listen to the result according to the number of beats present in the measure.


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