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Encoding notes with Pizzicato

With Pizzicato, you may enter notes in various ways:

  • By using the mouse and the computer keyboard shortcuts, with no additional music material.
  • You may introduce the notes without time constraint, by selecting the rhythmic values on the computer keyboard or the tool palette. For instance, you select the quarter note tool and from there on any key hit on the musical keyboard will produce a quarter note on the score.
  • You may play a music piece directly on the music keyboard, by following the metronome and Pizzicato will write the notes on the screen. You must play as exactly as possible, but you can correct notes with the mouse afterward.

The efficiency of each encoding method largely depends upon the complexity of the score. For a simple score, where the same rhythm happens over and over or with a simple rhythm, you may enter notes very fast with a music keyboard. But as the score complexity increases, as the rhythms become more various and complex, the efficiency of the use of a music keyboard decreases. Inversely, if the score becomes too complex, you will even lost time using the music keyboard because you will need to make lots of corrections after the real time recording.

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