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Exchanging scores between various versions of Pizzicato

If you exchange Pizzicato scores with somebody else but do not possess the same version he or she has, here are the rules that apply:

  • Pizzicato Professional 2 opens documents created by any version of Pizzicato
  • Pizzicato version 1 do not open documents created with version 2 (no return to previous version)
  • Pizzicato Beginner 2 opens all documents created with Pizzicato Light 2 and Beginner 1

A document created with Pizzicato Professional 2 may be open by Pizzicato Beginner 2, providing that:

  • The document only contain one score
  • The page setup size factor must be 100 %
  • The score may only contain 16 staves per system (16 instruments)

To be open by Pizzicato Light, more conditions apply:

  • The score may only contain 8 staves per system (8 instruments)
  • The score must contain a maximum of 60 measures as a total (1 staff of 60 measures or 2 staves with 30 measures, or 3 staves with 20 measures,...)
  • The page setup view must be available (no linear view)

With this data in mind, a teacher working with Pizzicato Professional may create scores for his (her) students working with Pizzicato Light so that they can read them. Moreover, if the computers are different (Mac / PC Windows) the next article will explain the procedure.


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