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Exchanging Pizzicato files between Mac and PC

The Pizzicato documents are naturally Mac and PC compatible. You may exchange them, but you need to know the rules of transfer between PC and Mac. Here they are.

A Mac with a floppy disk may read or write PC formatted floppies. The reverse is not true, so you need a PC formatted disk to transfer data.

From the Mac to the PC, simply drag your Mac Pizzicato file on a PC formatted disk that you introduce into the Mac disk drive, but rename your document so that it ends with the ".piz" extension. Introduce then the disk in the PC disk drive and with Windows Explorer copy the file in your Pizzicato directory. Depending on the disk format, it may happen that the file is renamed into an 8 characters name (coming from the old DOS format). You may then rename it on your hard disk as you want (but always with the ".piz" extension). The document may then be opened with Pizzicato. If your Mac do not have a disk drive, you may do the same with a CD writer.

From the PC to the Mac, you must first setup your Mac so that it can recognize the Pizzicato document. On a PC, the type of a file is determined only by the extension, i.e. the letters following the dot in the file name. On Mac, the type of file is defined by data that can not be modified by the user. When a PC file is transfered on a Mac, the PC/Mac compatibility manager uses a conversion list between PC extensions and Mac file types. For a new application installed on your Mac, you must specifically tell the computer the correspondance with the PC extension, otherwise the file type will not be recognized. Do the following (one time operation only):

  • In the Mac control panel, select "File Exchange"
  • Click "Add..."
  • In the extension field, fill in "piz" (without the dot)
  • Select the PizzicatoTM 2" application
  • In the popup menu entitled "Type :", select "Pizz".
  • Click "Add..."

When done, the ".piz" files read from a PC floppy or CD will be automatically converted to the right Mac type so that they can be used with Pizzicato.


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