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16th notes in short notation

It is sometimes useful to simplify the notation of a measure including for instance a lot of 16th notes. Let us see the case of a 4/4 measure with the C and G alternated in 16th notes. This measure can be written in the form of C and G half notes beamed with a 16th note beam. Here is the process to follow (warning, the MIDI play will not follow):

  • Fill in 2 beamed 16th notes (C and G for example)

  • With the note head tool, (Pizzicato Professional, main palette, the tool with several note heads) click these notes and select the half note head symbol.

  • To distribute them correctly in the measure, disable the automatic justification ("J" box, in the score tool bar) and move the second note in the middle of the measure.

In other cases, you can adapt this to 32nd notes for instance.


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