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Create scores larger than the A4 paper format

You can create scores larger than the A4/US Letter format with Pizzicato Professional. You need to fix the size of your paper. If you do not possess a printer which lets you print in the full size format you need, you can ask Pizzicato to print the different A4/US Letter pages to print your full page. Then you must assemble the pages together. You may in this way create a 1 meter large score if you want!

Let us take the example of an A3 score (twice the size of the A4, standard paper format). The easiest way will be to print two A4 sheets in the "landscape" mode. Here is how to proceed:

  • When you make your page layout (File Menu, Page layout), go in the Print Setup dialog and set your printer in landscape mode. Click OK.

  • Then, to the right of the Printer Setup button, fill in Width= 296 and Heigth= 418. Click OK.

  • Enable the margins (with the ":" keyboard shortcut). A green border encloses your score (the A3 format ) and you also see a red frame, which represents the A4 page which would be printed if you would choose to print now.

  • After completing the score, print all pages. You will have the upper parts of the A3 pages.

  • Call the layout dialog box again. In the right part of the dialog box, 2 text boxes let you to specify horizontal and/or vertical offsets. These values will move the real printing frame of the page, and thus the printer will be able to print another part of the page. Fill in the vertical offset to a value of 210 for example (or less, according to the way staves are disposed in the middle of the pages). Print your score and you will get the lower parts of the A3 pages.

The first A3 score that you will print will help you to evaluate the distances and after that it will be easier. The easiest way to proceed is of course to use an A3 printer, but it is more expensive.


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