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Copy/Paste/Drag and drop

The selection tool ("s" shortcut) lets you select one or more measures. By clicking on a measure, it appears white on black. To select several measures, select the first one. Then hold down the SHIFT key and click on the last measure to select. All the measures between the first and the last are selected.

You can then copy these measures ("Edit" menu, "Copy" item) to paste them at another location of the score ("Edit" menu, "Paste" item). You can also drag them, by clicking and dragging the first selected measure to another measure. The destination measure must be visible on the screen. When you release the mouse, the whole block is copied to the destination measure. It is the equivalent of a copy/paste.

You can also drag a set of selected measures to the main view or conductor view (Pizzicato Professional). The result is a new score which contains the selected measures and staves.


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