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How to create a pickup measure ?

It is common that a piece of music begins with a measure containing only one beat, introducing the first measure of the piece. If the score is in 4/4, the first measure must contain one beat only. The graphic result can be obtained by disabling the automatic justification for the first measure, stretching the measure and then sliding the quarter note graphically to the center of the measure. If the solution is graphically correct, Pizzicato will play this measure, but it will directly play the first beat and then it will wait 3 beats to play the next measure. To avoid that, you can add three quarter rests (or one dotted half rest) before the quarter note. The playing will be correct, but graphically you will see the rests... With Pizzicato Professional, you will be able to hide these rests, but you will have a white space before the measure... Another solution is to place a 1/4 measure as the first measure and change in 4/4 for the next one, but it is not the standard way for music notation...

The complete solution is furnished by Pizzicato Professional, with the "Measures parameters" dialog box. You can reach it with the "Edit" menu, after selecting the concerned measure. It lets to determine the number of beats present in a measure, independently of the time signature. For the first measure, call this dialog and check the "Measure duration" box, then select "Fixed : 1 beat of a duration of a quarter note". Click OK. You can stretch the measure and now it will justify correctly for one beat. The graphic result is thus correct and the playing will be correct too. Consult the help dialog (F1) associated to this dialog box, because it will let you make useful manipulations (uncounted measures, mesures to count, ...).


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