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How to convert a Pizzicato file into a ".WAV" audio file ?

After having created a score, it is sometimes necessary to create an audio file to use it in another program, in order to animate a multi-media presentation sequence, to transmit the file to somebody or simply to burn it on an audio CD. Here is how to proceed.

The first step is to export your Pizzicato file into a MIDI file. For that, use the "Export in MIDI..." item in the "File" menu, click OK in the next dialog box and give a name to your MIDI file. Exit Pizzicato.

The following step requires a virtual synthesizer software. There are numerous softwares for this. We will take the example of the "Wingroove" shareware that you can download at the address ("Fullset version" item). This software is a shareware, so if you use it regularly, we invite you to remunerate his author, the price being very moderate (see the heading "Shareware Registration" on the site for details). Once downloaded, install it and restart Windows. Launch this software ("Start", "Programs", "Wingroove", "WG Player") and open the MIDI file previously created with Pizzicato ("File" menu, "Open" item). The "File", "Create WaveFile" menu lets you generate the corresponding audio file.

Once the audio file is created, you can use a CD burning software to create an audio CD, which you may then play on any audio CD reader.


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