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How can you change the Pizzicato working mode?

Pizzicato can run in 6 different modes. It depends on how you got it and which license you have. Here are the 6 modes:

  • Shareware

  • Beginner demonstration

  • Professional demonstration

  • Pizzicato Light with license

  • Pizzicato Beginner with license

  • Pizzicato Professional with license

The free downloaded version gives access to the shareware and demonstration versions. The licenses give access to version you bought and to lower ones (for example the Pizzicato Beginner license gives access to Pizzicato Beginner and Pizzicato Light, but not to Pizzicato Professional).

Demonstration versions let you discover the software, but printing, saving and outputs (graphic copy, MIDi and audio export) are disabled.

The shareware version may be used one month freely. It presents the same functions than Pizzicato Light, but adds a "Pizzicato" background mosaïc when you print a score.

To change the working mode, call the "Program versions/updates..." item of the "Options" menu. The dialog box that appears gives you the choice of the available versions.

A frequent case of this dialog is when someone downloads the Pizzicato demonstration version, uses it a bit and then decides to buy one of the licenses. The person then installs it and launches the program. Then he/she is troubled because it seems that the program stays in shareware version. The solution is to call the "Program version/ update" item of the "Options" menu and click on "License registration", then fill in your license and serial numbers and everything will be all right.

If you have Pizzicato Light, you can change the working mode to the Professional demonstration version and explore the functions of this version. Do not forget to come back to Pizzicato Light when you want to record and print your work!


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