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Transition from Pizzicato 3.2 to 3.3

The new Pizzicato 3.3 version uses two folders to organize its files, particularly for Windows Vista.
The application as well as all files no likely to be modified by the user (help, program, images) are installed in the standard program directory (in Program Files/Pizzicato 3.3).

The data and the work directory, the libraries, the templates (these files all can be modified or completed by the user) are installed in a sub-directory of "My documents", also entitled "Pizzicato 3.3".

These repertories are fixed and it is better not to move them nor rename them, because this could introduce disturbances into the operation of the software.

If you had a 3.2 or previous version of Pizzicato, your personal files were placed by default in the "Program Files/Pizzicato 3" directory. For your facility, you can transfer them from the folder "Pizzicato 3" into the file "My documents/Pizzicato 3.3", using the the Windows file explorer.

On Mac OS X, the data is in the same directory than the program. You can also transfer your personal documents from the old folder to the new one.


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