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Assigning colors to the notes

Pizzicato Beginner and Professional 3.3 have an automatic color assignment function, based on the note name, the note frequency or the guitar fingering.

Select the measures you want and go in the Edit menu to choose the Assign colors to notes... item. A dialog box lets you assign colors to notes in four different ways:

From the note name - The leftmost color column lets you select the colors for each note name. Just click the color area and the color palette appears. Here, all C notes will be colored in light yellow.

From the note pitch - The two central columns are used to assign the colors to the 12 note pitches of an octave. Here the principle is that each note frequency (within one octave) have a specific color.

From the fingering - In a guitar tablature, it is possible to assign the fingering to the notes. The last column is used to assign a corresponding color to each fingering.

Black color - Is used to reset all colors to black.

If the Save choosen colors checkbox is checked, your color selection will be saved for the next call to this dialog. You can then customize the color table for note names, note pitches and fingering.

Notice that when you right-click a note (ALT+clic on the Mac), you can edit the playing parameters of that note and the same dialog proposes an individual color selection for that note. This is also valid for Pizzicato Light 3.3.


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