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Pizzicato 3 and Windows VISTA

So that Pizzicato 3 works fine with Windows Vista, do the following after installing the program (but before starting Pizzicato):

  • Open the Windows Explorer (shortcut: the "flag" key on the keyboard, between CTRL and ALT, plus the "e" key) and click on "Computer" then "Local disk C" then "Programs" then "Pizzicato 3".
  • With the right mouse button, click on the "Pizzicato" application that is in the above folder and select the "Properties..." item in the menu displayed.
  • In the "Compatibility" tab, check the "Run this program in compatibility mode for" and select the "Windows XP" line in the menu.
  • Check also the box entitled "Run this program as administrator" and validate the dialog.

In case Windows asks for confirmation in the above steps, you can confirm.

If you do not do the above steps, you may run into the following problems:

  • Refusal of the registration process
  • No tool palettes in the Tools menu
  • Music font not installed, resulting in the notes, clefs,... being displayed with big letters in the score.

If you launch Pizzicato before activating that compatibiliy mode, there is a risk that the program will not work thereafter. In that case, or in any case of problem, do the following:

  • Enable the viewing of hidden files and folders. This is done by going in :
    • Computer >> Organize >> Folders and search options >> Display >> Hidden files and folders >> Check "Show hidden files and folders" then Apply.
  • The you should completely remove the following Pizzicato 3 folder:
    • Desktop >> "User name" >> AppData >> Local >> VirtualStore >> Program Files >> Pizzicato 3
  • Then completely remove the "Pizzicato 3" folder, in the "Program Files" folder, in the main hard disk.
  • Reinstall Pizzicato and check that the compatibility mode is still enabled as explained above and start Pizzicato.


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