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Pizzicato exits without warning after a few minutes?

If you start Pizzicato and after a few minutes Pizzicato exits without warning, this is caused by one or more missing files in the installation.

This may happen specifically when you reinstall Pizzicato or an update and that you install it in a different directory than the original one. By double-clicking a Pizzicato file, Windows do not take the right version of the program and a confusion results from it.

To solve the problem, simply reinstall the program while taking care that it is in the right directory (you should keep it in the default directory which is "C:Program FilesPizzicato 3").

The error is sometimes to install it in a sub-directory "C:Program FilesPizzicato 3Pizzicato 3".

Check also that you do not have several Pizzicato 3 installation directories, so as to avoid confusion between several installations.

Finally, do NEVER modify the names of Pizzicato internal files, like the application file "Pizzicato.exe" or other files included in the Pizzicato folders (except of course your own documents), because it can also produce the same effect: Pizzicato exits without warning after a few minutes.



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