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The "P" and "S" boxes

The "Instruments" view includes 2 check boxes named "P" and "S" for each staff. By default, the "P" box is checked. It means "Play". All the staves for which the "P" box is checked will play their notes. Disabling an instrument with this box, you can mute its notes, for example if you disable the soloist of a score, you can play it yourself.

The "S" box means "Solo". By default, this box is not checked. If you activate it for one instrument, all the others will be muted. If you activate it for some instruments, they will play their part and the others will not play. It is an alternative to the "P" box use. For example, if you work with an orchestra score and want to listen to some measures with one instrument only, check the "S" box of this instrument. Using the "P" box, you would have to disable all the other instruments to obtain the same result.


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