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Creating a dotted bar line

Here is how to create a tool that places a graphical dotted bar line, for instance to separate the first three beats from the last two beats of a 3+2 composed measure. Only Pizzicato Professional (2 or 3) will let you create new tools. Here is how to do it:

  • Open the tool palette in which you want to add the tool
  • With the right mouse button (on Mac : alt-click), click inside the palette and select "New tool..."
  • In the dialog that appears, you may give the tool a name, such as "Dotted bar line" and click on OK.
  • Click on "Create/Modify...". A little graphic editor appears.
  • Select the line tool (icon with a line).
  • To draw a line, click, drag and release. Add 4 or 5 aligned vertical lines to make a dotted line. By clicking on an existing line, you may move it or by using the two black squares at its ends you may stretch of shorten it. You may create the lines big enough so that it is easier, because we will scale the symbol. The first vertical line should start on the upper line of the gray frame.
  • You may then adjust the gray frame as close as possible to the dotted line (use the gray handles). Then close the window.
  • In the part entitled "Vertically", disable the "Moveable" checkbox.
  • Click on OK then place that symbol on a measure. If the height of the bar line is too big, double-click the symbol again in the palette and in the "Vertically" part, adjust the scale, for instance 50% then validate. Do this until the height is adequate.

The most difficult part is the use of the graphical editor. See also the lesson on how to use it at page:


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