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Share Pizzicato scores with others and on the Internet

If you want to send one of your Pizzicato files to a person who does not possess Pizzicato, you have several possibilities:

  • If you only want the person to hear your score, you can export your ".PIZ" file into a MIDI file. Go in the "File" menu and select the "Export in MIDI... " item, select the default choice and give a name for your file. It will become a ".MID" file and you can send it as an attached file to an email. Windows and Macintosh will be able to play this file directly. This type of file can also be open and worked with other music programs.
  • If you only want the person to print your file, you can send a ".PDF" file. On Macintosh, you can directly print the PDF file. On Windows, an utility file named CutePDF lets you print in PDF. It is free and you can install it on Windows exactly as a printer. When you print a Pizzicato file, select the CutePDF printer and the utility asks you a name for the file to create. You can download it at : (On the left of this page, you will find 2 links : Free download and Free Converter. Download and execute them to install them. Then restart your computer.) The PDF file of your score can then be sent by email and the receiver can display it and print it.
  • If you want the person to listen to the file while displaying the score, you can send the .PIZ file and suggest to the person to download the Pizzicato free demonstration version. He/she will be able to open your file in the Professional demonstration mode and will be able to play the file, modify the tempo, follow the score, play selected parts only and make temporary changes. But he/she will not be able to print it and save it. If you work with Pizzicato Light, the person will be able to print, modify and save the score with the shareware version.

To display a score on a website, you can combine the .PDF graphic file with a .MID file of this score. Your visitors will be able to listen to the .MID file and to print the .PDF file directly from your website.


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