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Creative use of an external MIDI keyboard

One of the new features of Pizzicato Professional 3 is the virtual keyboard. Its purpose is to extend the playing possibilities of a single musical keyboard and let you play several instruments on one keyboard. This principle is frequent in a lot of synthetizers and it is often called "performance". It is a set of sounds programmed on the keyboard that can be used to play.

A virtual keyboard is a musical object that can contain several instruments. It gets its data from a musical keyboard connected to a MIDI input port. If you do not have a musical keyboard connected to your computer, you can nevertheless use a virtual keyboard but in a more limited way because using the mouse is not easy to play on a keyboard drawn on the screen.

The virtual keyboards let you setup a MIDI musical keyboard connected to the computer to play various prepared instruments. You can for example play chords that are then held while you play a bass whose notes are doubled by a vibraphone 3 octaves higher for example. Another area lets you play a melody, doubled by an oboe. All of this while having some keys reserved for percussions. The whole set is played from one keyboard only, as you program it.

To prepare and use a virtual keyboard with Pizzicato 3 (even in demonstration mode), see the page


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