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Creating a dynamic pause

Here is how you can transform the static pause from the palette into a dynamic pause that will influence the playing of the score (Pizzicato Professional):

1. Double-click the pause in the palette
2. Check the "MIDI play" checkbox, then click "Define play..." just to the right.
3. The "Start" item must be set on "Attached note"
4. Fixed lenght of 0 measure, 1 beat, 0 unit
5. Value = 20
6. Activate the "Local change" checkbox and disable the "Relative values" checkbox.
7. Click OK twice.

When placing the symbol on a note, Pizzicato will take a tempo of 20 per quarter note, during one beat, which will slow down the playing of this note. You can modify the tempo value (20 at step 5 above) and the effect duration (1 beat at step 4) to influence the pause.


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