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The new conductor view of Pizzicato

One of the new features of Pizzicato Professional 3 is the conductor view. It has been designed to be your musical desktop. As you may have multiple scores in a musical document, you will find here a tool to organize, control and play them easily in various combinations. You may open it in the Windows menu, Conductor view...

This window is divided into three main areas:

  • The upper left part contains instruments, musical libraries and virtual keyboards. Each one of them will help you to compose.
  • The lower left part displays the content of the current open document.
  • In the main part of the window, you have a time view of all the scores. You will be able to add, remove, play and otherwise manage your scores. The forerunner of this view was the main view. However, the conductor view offers more features to organize your work, mostly the fact that you may manage the time factor in it.

With the conductor view, you may select and play a score with the recorder buttons. But you may also group several scores and play them together. In this way, you may assemble a full orchestral score by creating little musical sequences and by arranging them together, duplicating or smart linking them (transposing, inverting your melody,...)

In combination with the prepared instruments and rhythms libraries, this view is quite practical to create rhythmic patterns visually.

See the full lesson on using the conductor view on page and compose your rhythms and arrangements.


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