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Delete a note or symbol

An occasional cause of problem has remained unknown until a user precisely described to us what he was doing to delete a symbol or a note in the score and which caused a error in Pizzicato. The method to delete a symbol or a note is:

  1. Place the arrow of the mouse cursor on the head of the note or on the symbol, WITHOUT CLICKING
  2. Use the erase key (backspace key to remove a character). The symbol or the note disappears. This is explained in the manual and does not produce an error in the software.

But we had probably not enough insisted on the words WITHOUT CLICKING. Some users were clicking and holding the mouse button while using the erase key, causing an error in Pizzicato.

This small nuance probably explains crashes that did not have an explanation yet. This problem is of course not normal and has been corrected in version 3. But for users of versions 2, it is good to know this and easy to avoid.


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