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Using templates

With Pizzicato Beginner and Professional, you can start on a template document of your choice. By default, when you launch Pizzicato, a score appears. It is by default a piano page. By going in the "Options" menu, "Global options" item, a dialog box appears. The "Template by default" option lets you select the score which will be automatically open when Pizzicato starts and when you use the "File menu", "New" item. A sub-folder in Pizzicato is called "DataENTemplates" and contains several prepared score templates. According to the Pizzicato version you have, some templates will not open (for example Pizzicato Beginner does not permit size reductions, so reduction templates will not open with this version). The template by default is "TemplatesTemplatesOne piano page.piz". If you often use the same score style, you can create a personal page layout and select it as the default template.


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