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Another music font?

Pizzicato Professional lets you use other music fonts to print notes, clefs, accidentals and other signs. By default, the font named "Pizzicato" is copied when you install Pizzicato on your computer. If you possess other music software, you can select the fonts associated to some of them (for example "Anastasia" for the "Encore" software, "Petrucci" for Finale). You need to go in the "Options menu", "Global options" item. Please note that Pizzicato does not include these fonts (they belong to other programs), but only lets you use them if they are already installed on your computer.

You can also use the "Fughetta" shareware font, which can be downloaded at
Once it is downloaded, select it in the "Global options" dialog box and Pizzicato will use it to draw notes, silences, clefs, ... If you like this font, we suggest you to pay the license (30 $). See how on the author's website.

Note that the graphics and MIDI symbols will not be modified (nuances,...), because they are binded to the Pizzicato font. You can of course create or duplicate tools and modify the name of the font used.


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