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How to transcribe the accidentals correctly?

With Pizzicato, you can to import a MIDI file and view the score. In some cases, a MIDI file may not contain the key signature indication and Pizzicato sets no key signature. Such a file can contain a lot of accidentals and become difficult to read. In the case of a MIDI file written in Major B (5 sharps) but which does not include the key signature indication, the sharps will be written as accidentals to the notes. To avoid that, you can apply the following process:

  • Import the file a first time and transcribe the score

  • According to the accidentals you find in the score, deduce what should be the key signature

  • Import the file a second time, but with no note transcription.

  • Add the key signature with the key signatures tool

  • Transcribe the file, by Edit, Select all and Edit, transcribe. Pizzicato takes care of the key signature and adapts the notes to this tonality.


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