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MIDI synchronization

Pizzicato can synchronize a rhythm generator or an external synthetizer via the MIDI cable. What is synchronization? It is the ability to force two or more music devices to play together at exactly the same tempo. Imagine that you have a Pizzicato score with chords and a melody, but that you would like to use the rhythmic patterns of an electronic organ. If you start the score and the organ at the same time, you will hear an increasing time shift, as the speeds will never be exactly the same. The solution to that is MIDI synchronization. The MIDI standard includes special messages to "force" one of the devices to follow the tempo of the other.

Pizzicato can follow the organ or be conducted by it. If you want Pizzicato to conduct the organ, you need to go in the "Recorder" window and click the "Options" button (in version 3, go in the Options menu, Midi Play options...). To the right of the "Synchro output port" item, select the MIDI port connected to the organ. Click OK. From there on, Pizzicato will send the START and STOP informations and the synchronization messages to the organ. Be sure to configure the organ so that it will receive these messages. When you start the score, the organ will follow.

If you want the organ to conduct Pizzicato, go in the same options dialog and select the MIDI port connected to the organ, to the right of the "Synchro input port" item, then click OK. From there on, Pizzicato will play when you start the organ accompaniment. Be aware, using this option, that Pizzicato will not be able to play by itself any more (the "START" button and the space bar will have no effect). To disable this synchronization feature, simply select the "Synchro input port" item to "None".


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