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Aligning lyrics

When lyrics are written under the notes, you can align their positions. Using the tool that moves the lyrics, you must know how the SHIFT and CTRL keys modify it:

  • When you move only one text line, everything moves (all measures and staves of the instrument)

  • When you move a text line while holding down the SHIFT key (above the CTRL key), only the lyrics of the current measure move

  • When you move a text line while holding down the CTRL key, only the lyrics of the current system move

  • When you move a text line while holding down the SHIFT and CTRL keys, only the current syllable moves

In this way you can adapt the position of the lyrics, for example when a note goes too low. It is better to move the lyrics when they have all been encoded, otherwise you will desynchronize the positions and it will be more difficult to align them after. Do not forget that you can use 8 independent text lines,that you can align independently. Every move of a line implies that all the lines below it will also move in the same way.

In Pizzicato 3, you also have a specific function. Select the measures and go in the Edit menu, Adjust lyrics... A dialog lets you readjust all the lyrics positions.


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