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Splitting the right and left hands for the piano

When transcribing a MIDI file or a real time keyboard performance, Pizzicato can split up the left and right hands on two different staves in G and F clefs.

To record in real time the two hands at the same time, do the following:

  • First, prepare the two staves (F clef and G clef).

  • Place the MIDI recording cursor on the upper staff.

  • Go in the "Options" menu, "Transcription..." item. The "Transcriptions options" dialog box appears.

  • Check the box "Lower split point" and select the note that will separate the two hands. By default this note is the central C (value 60). A value of 61 will be C#, 62 will be D,... The "Listen..." button lets you play a note directly on the musical keyboard: click "Listen...", then press a music keyboard key. Click OK to confirm the choice.

  • Record in real time your performance on the keyboard, with the help of the metronome and the recorder window.

  • When you stop, your performance is transcribed using the two staves (left and right hand).

If you start from a MIDI file (already recorded), do the following:

  • Import your file and transcribe all staves except the piano staff that you want to transcribe with two hands.

  • Under the piano staff (not transcribed), add an empty F clef staff.

  • In the "Options" menu, select the "Transcription..." item and make the same changes as explained above.

  • Select the upper piano staff only and select "Edit", "Transcribe". The piano staff is transcribed and the lower notes are transcribed on the bottom staff, which represents the left hand.

In both cases, do not forget to disable the split option again, otherwise you will have a bad surprise the next time you will make a one staff transcription...


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