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Creating a split measure

It is sometimes useful to split a long measure in two parts at the end of a staff and the beginning of the next staff. You can do this easily with Pizzicato Professional by doing the following (example of a 4/4 measure to split into 3 beats+1beat):

  • Insert first an empty measure after that measure and duplicate the measure content in this empty measure. You get the same measure twice. With the layout tool, arrange the staff so that the first measure is at the end of the staff and the second measure at the beginning of the next staff.

  • In the first measure, remove the last beat content

  • In the second measure, remove the first three beats content

  • Select the first measure and call the "Measures parameters..." in the Edit Menu

  • Check the "Measure duration" box and set this length to "Fix" by 3 quarter notes. Click OK.

  • Select the second measure and call the same dialog box

  • Check the "Measure duration" and set it to "Fix" by 1 quarter note. Check the "Measure numbering" box and select "Uncounted measure". This prevents Pizzicato to count this measure twice. You can also give it a fix number, equal to the one of the preceding measure, but then do not forget that this number will not increment itselft automatically in case of a measure insertion. Click OK.

  • With the "barlines and repeats" tool, make the right barline invisible in the first measure.

  • Do the same with the left barline of the second measure.

  • Justify the two halves of this split measure and the notes will be correctly displayed in the two halves. The MIDI play will also be correctly interpreted.


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