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Pizzicato Frequently Asked Questions

You will find here the answers to the most frequent questions asked by Pizzicato users. You may consult the list of articles or do a research based on a simple keyword or phrase. For instance, if you do not hear sound while playing a score with Pizzicato, fill in "Sound" or "No sound" and you will find the article explaining how to solve that problem.

You may also search by category and by version. Click on "Find" to execute the search. Then click on the title of the article to read it in full.

If you can't find an answer to your question, you can fill in a technical support form and we will answer it as soon as possible.

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Included categories:

Accompaniment generated with the composition libraries

Adding pages or systems?

Aligning lyrics

Freely aligning staves and systems on a page

Adjusting the frame of the graphic copy

Percussion maps

The "P" and "S" boxes

French or international note/chord names

How can you stop the Octava (8va) effect?

How can you change the Pizzicato working mode?

How to convert a Pizzicato file into a ".WAV" audio file ?

How to create a pickup measure ?

How can you play the written chords?

How do you number measures not starting from "1" ?

Print preview of the score

How to make jazz play more natural? (Beginner and Professional versions)

How do you extend the line associated to a repeat sign over several staves ?

MIDI input setup (Version 2)

Volume control : limits imposed by MIDI channels

Copying lyrics from one line to another

Copy/Paste/Drag and drop

Volume or velocity crescendo ?

Creating an effective crescendo with Pizzicato Light and Beginner...

Creating a page for free music writing

Create scores larger than the A4 paper format

Truncated dialogs on Windows XP

Musical dictation with Pizzicato

Distance between the staves

16th notes in short notation

Specifying the colors of notes

Exchanging Pizzicato files between Mac and PC

Exchanging scores between various versions of Pizzicato

Encoding notes with Pizzicato

Encoding notes without stems in a measure - free measures


Recording several voices on the same staff

Extracting parts with Pizzicato Beginner

MIDI file impossible to transcribe in a legible way?

Beams management

Generating arpeggios with the composition tools

Controlling the tempo

Printing a score in a different format than A4

Print your Pizzicato scores in PDF files

Adding the fingering marks

Percussion notation

The scrolling score view

The width of a measure

The baroque tools on Macintosh

Rhythmic voices

Modifying a tempo symbol

Moving tools between palettes

Methodology to create a score

Don't loose your personal tools, save them!

Personal code number... Summary!

No sound (version 2) ?

One line staves

Problem with notes and musical symbols display?

Aligning a system on a page

Crash with Windows XP ?

Creating a split measure

Splitting the right and left hands for the piano

MIDI synchronization

Selecting the measures to play

How to transcribe the accidentals correctly?

Transposing a score

Another music font?

Using templates

Using of the computer keyboard to enter notes

Using a non MIDI instrument with Pizzicato ?

Delete a note or symbol

Modifying the page layout

Dialog box or tool help

Scan a score and modify it in Pizzicato

Generate score - MIDI Files?

Slowness while working on a large Pizzicato score?

Vertical Tuplets alignement

The new conductor view of Pizzicato

Creating a dynamic pause

Creative use of an external MIDI keyboard

Unison : how to write 2 identical notes for different voices

Moving a tool

Pianistic notation: cross staff beaming

Installing a Pizzicato upgrade on Mac OS X or Windows

Share Pizzicato scores with others and on the Internet

Accessing the Pizzicato 3 Help Menu on Windows

Problem with MIDI input or with the screen keyboard?

Printing your scores on A3 paper format

Encoding notes with the MIDI cursor and the keyboard

Creating a dotted bar line

Unexpected chord symbol moving?

MIDI input setup (Version 3)

Pizzicato exits without warning after a few minutes?

No sound (version 3) ?

Pizzicato 3 and Windows VISTA

Pizzicato 2 and Windows VISTA

Assigning colors to the notes

Using the metronome - Pizzicato 3.3

Reduced scores size - Pizzicato Beginner 3.3

Upbeats and uncomplete measures - Pizzicato 3.3

Adding the figured bass symbols

Transition from Pizzicato 3.2 to 3.3

To export in audio with Windows Vista

MIDI Yoke installation under Windows Vista


Pizzicato Professional

Pizzicato Notation

Pizzicato Composition Pro

Pizzicato Beginner

Pizzicato Keyboard

Pizzicato Choir

Pizzicato Guitar

Pizzicato Soloist

Pizzicato Drums and Percussion

Pizzicato Composition Light

Pizzicato Light

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